Blog #2145: Hasbro Customer Care Doesn’t Care Again (Yeah, I’m Not Surprised Either)

Hasbro Customer Care Doesn’t Care Again (Yeah, I’m Not Surprised Either)

If you read my Review of Shattered Glass Jetfire, you may recall that mine arrived broken. Needless to say Hasbro Pulse and Hasbro Customer Care were both completely unhelpful. After Hasbro Customer Care gave me the expected worthless reply I went back to yell at Hasbro Pulse. They ended up giving me a refund and telling me to keep the toy. As it happens I was able to obtain the broken part elsewhere, so I ended up with a free Shattered Glass Jetfire. I wish I could feel good about that. All it means is that they still have no way to properly provide customer service, and the next time I end up with a defective exclusive, and you know it will happen, I get to go through the same bullshit all over again.

I could swear and rant and call it stress relief, but that’s not going to make me feel better. Below is my “review” of Shattered Glass Jetfire I posted to Hasbro Pulse. I figure they screen them, and unsurprisingly, it’s not actually been posted. After that is my response to Hasbro Customer Care.

Shattered Glass Jetfire Review Submitted but not posted to Hasbro Pulse.

My SG Jetfire arrived broken. Pulse said there was nothing they could do and I had to talk to Hasbro Customer Care. Hasbro Customer Care is incompetent. Every time I’ve had a dealing with them I have come out of it angry and had it cost me money. They said there was nothing they could do but have me send it back for a refund or send it back for a random toy. After telling them in no uncertain terms that that was not an acceptable resolution, I called Hasbro Pulse. After yelling at them they said they would give me a refund and I could keep the toy. Since replacing it will cost two to three times the original price, that’s also worthless. To make matters worse, it took HasbroPulse TEN DAYS to reply to my ticket report that it was broken. During that time SG Jetfire did come back in stock and sold out again. If they didn’t wait so long, maybe they could have provided me with a replacement. If Hasbro quality control is going to be so abysmal, then they need to insist retailers keep a quantity of exclusives like this in reserve to replace defective items. I would have rated it 0 stars, but 1 star is the lowest rating they would allow.

My Response to Hasbro Customer Care’s Worthless Offer

I am well aware you are not going to help me. I have never had an interaction with Hasbro Customer Care that has not left me bitter, angry, and out money. In each and every interaction you completely fail to do your job. Hasbro used to make toys, and the way you throw random replacements at people and offer coupons when they get upset at your ineptitude is fine when you’re dealing with parents filing complaints and all they care about is a working toy for their child.

I wouldn’t waste my time to contact Hasbro Customer Care about a retail toy. When I get one that is defective or missing piece, which happens way too often, I just buy another and return the defective one. But that isn’t the problem here.

Hasbro is no longer only in the toy business. They are in the collectibles business. When a collector preorders an overpriced collectible five months in advance and receives it broken because Hasbro’s Quality Control is abysmal, your “you can return it for a refund or some random thing we have available” is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Hasbro Customer Care is clearly unable to meet the needs of Hasbro’s customers. You haven’t been at any time in the last twenty years. I knew before you replied to me that you weren’t going help me.

Hasbro Pulse didn’t do any better for me. They gave me a refund and told me to keep my broken toy. That gains me nothing as a replacement will cost me two to three times the original retail price.

Feel free to close this request and ignore me. That’s the only thing you’re good at.

Well, that’s about it. In closing…fuck you, Hasbro.

Thanks for reading!

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