Blog #2112: Toy Review: Transformers: Kingdom: Leader Class Galvatron (And Shoulder Variant)

Transformers: Kingdom: Leader Class Galvatron


Vehicle Mode: Absolutely the best Galvatron since G1, Kingdom Galvatron looks amazing in cannon mode. He’s absolutely perfect. He is an enormous improvement over the disappointing Titans Return Galvatron. I recall giving that a positive review, but over time I’ve realized I was being far too kind, especially with his cannon mode.


Robot Mode: Galvatron looks great in robot mode. He’s extremely animation accurate, with a great head sculpt, and perfect paint apps.

Shoulder Variant: Some Galvatron’s have their shoulders misassembled. This causes them to seem to connect lower on his torso than they should.

Overall: Galvatron is a must have, however, promo photos of him repacked for the upcoming Legacy line seem to show him without the battle damage. If you would prefer him without the battle damage, it might be worth waiting for Legacy.

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