Blog #2094: Toy Review: Transformers: Collaborative J. Balvin Soundwave (J. Blavintron)

Transformers: Collaborative J. Balvin Soundwave (J. Balvintron)

So, J. Blavin is a musician or something. There is no logical reason for him to have an exclusive Transformer. The concept is the epitome of stupid. As to the toy, well, f you can ignore the stupid…


Energia Buzzsaw, or as I like to think of him, G2 Buzzsaw, looks pretty great in predominantly white and yellow. He of course has the terrible stubby laser cannons.


Vibras Stripes looks awesome. I really like the paintjob, though the eyes on the side of his cassette mode make no sense at all, like the existence of this set.


Soundwave comes with these silly blast effects, made even more silly by being colored like Christmas lights. These are each made up of several pieces, yet the long piece has been colored in blue and yellow. That seems like an awful lot of effort for very little result. The only thing blast effects are good for are making Omega Supreme look like he’s farting.


Soundwave has been painted to look like a smiley face in cassette player mode. He looks ridiculous, though the overall color scheme would fit in well with G2. He has the extended Soundblaster buttons, but the Soundwave cassette door. There is no logical reason not to have used the extended Soundblaster compartment, but logic clearly is not one of Hasbro’s strong suits. He comes with two cassettes. It only makes sense to use the extended door. He comes with a repaint of Siege Commander Class Jetfire’s guns. Regrettably, they did not include Soundwave’s actual guns. This is insanely stupid as they are in the mold, and were likely discarded rather then putting them in the box.

Overall: Soundwave was insanely overpriced at $70. There is no logical reason for this eye-searing waste of plastic to exist.

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