Blog #2047: Toy Review: Transformers: Walmart Exclusive Robot Enhanced Design (R.E.D.) Arcee

Transformers: Walmart Exclusive Robot Enhanced Design (R.E.D.) Arcee


Arcee comes with a weird looking Energon Cube. It’s not a perfect square like Energon cubes have always been. It looks more like an AllSpark.

Arcee comes with two sets of hands, one fists, and the other that can hold guns, but oddly she does not come with guns she can hold. She has two blades that attached to her arms, and each has an attachment with spikes on them. The box shows the spikes being purple, so they are likely meant to be blast effects, but as they are just gray plastic, they are crap. She has two guns that can replace her hands. Its been a long time since I’ve watched Transformers: Prime, but I do recall both the blades and the guns from the series.

Overall: I really like Arcee. I’m looking forward to more of these, but I fear these non-G1 characters mean that when the line ends, we will have a random bunch of non-G1 characters, and a lot of missing G1 characters. Hasbro has a habit of not following lines through to their conclusion.

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