Blog #2024: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Scout Class Autobot Clones (Cloudraker & Fastlane)

Transformers: Legends Scout Class Autobot Clones (Cloudraker & Fastlane)


Previous Mold Use: Titans Return Scout Class Cloudraker, Galactic Odyssey Collection Biosfera Autobot Clones Scout Class Cloudraker

Only two are pictured in the comparison photos because Hasbro couldn’t be bothered to update their paint jobs in the most recent Galactic Odyssey release. Having said that, Hasbro’s deco on the Autobot Clones was very G1 accurate. However, I really like the dark red and pink deco on the Takara versions. On Cloudraker, they painted his entire canopy, so that is an improvement in and of itself.


Previous Molds: Titans Return Scout Class Fastclash, Galactic Odyssey Collection Biosfera Autobot Clones Scout Class Fastlane

As with Cloudraker, I do like the Takara deco, though it is less accurate. However, Hasbro also put paint apps on Fastlane’s spoiler including an Autobot insignia, which I like a lot.

Overall: The Hasbro ones are more accurate, so these are probably for completists only, but it is a cool deco. I wasn’t actually looking for them, but found the set at a pretty great price at a comic store.

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