Blog #1941: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Ultimate Class Energon Armor Iaconus

Transformers: Cyberverse Ultimate Class Energon Armor Iaconus

Energon Armor Iaconus

Vehicle Mode: Iaconus looks to have had his vehicle mode designed by the same people who gave us 2007 Movie Megatron who made a great robot mode and then folded it into something resembling some kind of vehicle. To make matters worse, he has an auto transform feature that makes it hard to transform him into vehicle mode, as he keeps wanting to transform until you get him locked. Also, when transforming him you have to press the lever and hold down on the back, or he’ll just pitch forward. The auto transform is also not complete, as you need to flip up the base on the back of his legs.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Iaconus looks pretty great. He’s a giant brick, which warms my G1-loving heart. The energon armor is crap, just a translucent blue chest shield and a dome over his head. Makes him look very Juggernaut-ish, but that’s about all.

Overall: Iaconus is an imposing and bad ass robot, with forgettable alternate mode and action transformation feature.

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