Blog #1936: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Deluxe Class Build-A-Figure Maccadam

Transformers: Cyberverse Deluxe Class Build-A-Figure Maccadam


Maccadam is the first Transformers Build-A-Figure. He came in eight parts packaged with Cyberverse Deluxe Class Arcee, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Hot Rod, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Shockwave, and Thunderhowl. He is Hasbro’s attempt to turn Transformers into Marvel Legends. It doesn’t really work. Maccadam is not a bad figure. He’s very accurate to the animation, at least to my recollection of it. It just makes little sense to have a non-Transforming Build-A-Figure packed with transforming toys. What would make a whole lot more sense would be doing this as part of the R.E.D line. You could easily includes parts to build Metroplex or Superion, or whoever with parts included with the regular size figures. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be doing that. The other thing that really annoys me is that with Marvel Legends Build-A-Figures, all parts come out in a single wave. The eight Cyberverse Deluxes were released over 4 waves. I could maybe ignore that if they did it in two waves, but they didn’t. I’ve had a bag of Maccadam parts slowly filling up on my desk for nearly a year.

Overall: Maccadam is fine, but releasing him over such a long period of time is idiotic. If they want to make Transformers like Marvel Legends, then they need to releases that parts over no more than two waves. Listings were found indicating another Deluxe Figure set with a Build-A-Figure even though Cyberverse is basically over (though we are apparently getting two movies) including Prowl, Starscream, and Soundwave. That news broke four or five months ago, but we have heard nothing about them since.

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