Blog #1856: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Deluxe Class Roadbuster

Transformers: Studio Series Deluxe Class Roadbuster


Vehicle Mode: Back in 2011, the Dark of the Moon line included Roadbuster in his non-weaponized vehicle mode. Topspin and Leadfoot only came in their weaponized modes. (Of course Deluxe Leadfoot never made it to US stores, though was produced in some quantity, read this post for details.) So, seeing that Roadbuster was getting the Deluxe weaponized mode treatment, I was hoping we would get regular vehicle mode versions of the other two. No such luck. Topspin is already scheduled for release in the next wave, and he too has a weaponized vehicle mode. While this is unfortunate, I thought it made sense, as I assumed Hasbro’s deal with NASCAR, must be long expired, so making them in real world vehicle modes would be problematic. That is not correct. The back of Roadbuster’s package does include the GM and NASCAR logos, so I do not for the life of me know why we aren’t getting the real world vehicle modes. Anyway, as to the toy itself, Roadbuster is pretty great. Unfortunately, he has one design flaw. The hood and front of the car does not lock into the pegs in the bottom of the cab very well. They are two small flat pegs, that aren’t long enough. It’s unfortunate, because otherwise he’s pretty great.

Robot Mode: Roadbuster looks great in robot mode. I love the head sculpt. I just wish the parts that make up his shoulders clipped in place a little better.

Overall: Roadbuster is a great toy, and hopefully this time we will get all three Wreckers, and Leadfoot will be a Target exclusive so he can have the right paintjob.

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