Blog #1827: Toy Review: Transformers Rescue Bots Flip Racers Single Packs Wave 5 (Whirl)

Transformers Rescue Bots Flip Racers Single Packs Wave 5 (Whirl)


So, this is weird. The Flip Racers line was apparently canceled in 2019. We were supposed to get a series of motorized Flip Racers, which never materialized. Ultimately only two of those showed up, and I only found them at K-Mart. Never saw them anywhere else. Two playsets did come out last year. Then there is Whirl. I’m not sure exactly when I became aware that Whirl came out, but the toy is dated 2018. I’ve been trying to find one for a while, but they’ve only been available from Canada for insane prices. It finally showed up on eBay for $10, and I grabbed one. The seller has three other Flip Racers that were posted at the same time, Speedster Boulder, Heatwave, and Muscle Car Bumblebee. Muscle Car Bumblebee was in Wave Four, and Speedster Boulder was in Wave Three. I’ve guessing Whirl is part of Wave Five. I’m assuming she is the last Flip Racer we’re going to see. However, I’ve just become aware that one of the 3-packs that I thought was canceled actually was released. Presently I can only find it from an online store in Malaysia that doesn’t ship internationally, so I’m looking for a Flip Racers Extreme Team 3-Pack. As to Whirl, in vehicle mode she looks kind of ridiculous. She has tiny blades so that she can fit into the various playsets, but it makes her look pretty stupid. She looks fine in robot mode. I like the head sculpt a lot.

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