Blog 1586: Toy Review: Transformers: Walmart Exclusive Vintage G1 Reissue Starscream

Transformers: Walmart Exclusive Vintage G1 Reissue Starscream

I complain about Hasbro a lot, but I also give them credit when they get something right. Not only did they give us a G1 style box, but it has an actual box flap! That is so cool. Hasbro gets lots more credit for Starscream.


This Megatron accessory was first released with “The Transformers Collection” Starscream. (Starscream also has new fists so he can hold him.) He splits in half, the top half of the gun pegs into Starscream’s new fists, and the bottom pegs on under the fist. As far as I know, this is the first Hasbro release of this Megatron accessory. Nicely done Hasbro.


Okay, let’s ignore the elongated missiles. They aren’t THAT bad, even if they make no sense. Devastator comes with smaller guns than Starscream’s small missiles. I’d rather the original missiles and no springs in the launchers, if the launching is the problem. Even still, why elongate the longer missiles? The missiles aside, Starscream looks awesome. If you look closely at Starscream’s face, you will see the best thing about this version of Starscream. He has PAINTED GOLD EYES! Anyone who had a G1 jet will remember trying and failing miserably to get the stupid eye sticker on perfectly. I’ve been begging for painted eyes on jets forever.

Overall: This Starscream is a must, and for the painted eyes alone is worth $35. Now they just have to do the other five with painted eyes. I must have the whole set.

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