Blog #1484: Toy Review: Transformers Encore Car Robots Super Fire Convoy (Omega Prime)

Transformers Encore Car Robots Super Fire Convoy (Omega Prime)

The long awaited Encore Reissue of God Fire Convoy is out…and it has been recalled. It has numerous quality control issues, from poor paint apps to molding problems to issues with the sound chips. You can’t do the recall outside of Japan, so it’s a good thing I was going to keep it anyway. Takara actually issued an apology for the mess, something Hasbro could learn a thing or two about, as they have proven that they care nothing about their customers.

There are numerous sites posting detailed lists of the quality control issues, so I’m just going to focus on the differences from the original releases, and just mention the most obvious issues I am aware of.

Super God Sword

The Super God Sword (I think that’s the right name) was repurposed (and repainted with a blue blade) from the Japanese version of Fortress Maximus with a new handle and included in the Toys R Us Japan Exclusive God Fire Convoy gift set. This version has a translucent purple blade to better match the look from the cartoon. The handle is now cast in a harder plastic so it doesn’t bend like the original version, which was made of plastic that was way too soft.

Fire Convoy

Fire Convoy is cast in a darker red plastic and brighter white plastic than the original. He also lacks the chrome on his chest. The lack of chrome seems to exposes screw holes and or mold flash on his chest. It’s not awful, but it makes him look cheap, when he was anything but. This is a really great toy. One of the molding issues is with his feet. In robot mode they seem fine, but in fire engine mode the panels on his cab roof don’t quite flip into place properly.

Super Fire Convoy

Other than the darker red plastic, Super Fire Convoy isn’t much different from the original. I’ve always wished his face looked a little more like Optimus Prime, but he’s still very cool. The gun on his shoulder does not stay in place. Not sure if it’s the peg on the gun or the port on his shoulder.

God Magnus

Like Fire Convoy, God Magnus is cast in darker blue plastic and brighter white plastic than the original. He looks great, if you ignore that this wasn’t a great toy in and of itself. His weapon is a ridiculous convoluted mess. It can be put in many configurations, but I didn’t bother. The main change on him besides the plastic colors is that he no longer has chrome on his bumper, except for the Autobot logo in the center.

God Fire Convoy

God Fire Convoy looks awesome, and is really the best use of Ultra Magnus. This is an amazing looking toy. As you can see he does not have chrome on his chest. The lack of chrome is disappointing, and also odd, as other parts remain chrome.

Overall: If you have the original, you can probably skip Encore God Fire Convoy, but if you don’t have the original, I recommend grabbing him now even with the quality control issues. Its unlikely he’s ever going to be released again after the recall.

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2 Responses to Blog #1484: Toy Review: Transformers Encore Car Robots Super Fire Convoy (Omega Prime)

  1. lmb3 says:

    Been a while since I had my hands on it, and I can’t get to it at the moment, but as I recall, there is no connection, his hand just closes around it. He can’t actually hold it up anyway, it’s too heavy. Best he can do is hold it as pictured. I might be remembering wrong, but I don’t think so.

  2. ZeldaTheSwordsman says:

    How exactly does the sword’s connection to Omega Prime/God Fire Convoy’s hand work? And how well does it work?

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