Blog #1444: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Leader Class Overlord with Headmasters Giga & Mega

Transformers: Legends Leader Class Overlord with Headmasters Giga & Mega

Legends Leader Class Overlord is repainted and remolded from Transformers: Generations Leader Class Overlord. Headmasters Giga and Mega are new molds. Read my review of the USA Overlord here.

Giga & Mega

Both are better head sculpts than the USA version. Giga and Mega’s robot modes have more detailed paint apps.


Tank Mode: I like the dark blue on the Japanese version’s tank mode. The orange door is darker than the USA version. The black outline around the front sides of the turret looks great as does the teal paint on the sides of the turret.

Jet Mode: In jet mode, the only major difference is that the Japanese version does not have the stickers. There are a couple of paint apps that have been removed or altered. I kind of prefer the USA version. Though I hate the use of stickers, the detail is nice.

I noticed that the Japanese version was assembled differently from the USA version. The small purple wings are on the opposite sides. You can see it at the base as the wings pivot point is off center. Based on how hard it is to flip over the ones on my USA version, I assume that it is not assembled correctly. What I don’t know is whether all USA versions are wrong, or just mine.

Robot Mode: I like the new helmet. It has a smaller forehead than the USA version. I like the darker blue color scheme. The only thing I don’t like is the new chest panels. They almost look like the unfinished back of something. The USA version looks much better and has painted details, not stickers, which made it look a little more like the original toy. The USA version has openings for Titan Masters in his chest, but the Japanese version has the Powermaster engines molded in. I am not sure if they are removable. They are the same shape as the Enigma of Combination that comes with Power of the Primes Voyager Class and Leader Class toys.

Overall: Overall, I prefer the Japanese version of the toy, but it’s not a slam dunk. I really don’t like the molding on the chest.

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  1. Max Aycee says:

    Clearly, the European one is better.

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