Blog #1295: Toy Review: Transformers: Platinum Edition Unicron

Transformers: Platinum Edition Unicron

I have never done a full review of Unicron. This will be a little different than most of my reviews. This is now the sixth version of this mold that I have. He’s a pain to transform, and I really don’t ever want to Transform him again, so I am going to use Hasbro’s official photos for the most recent Platinum Edition Unicron, which are not actually of the most recent Platinum Edition Unicron. Yeah, Hasbro didn’t even bother to take photos of the new version.

Unicron was originally an Armada toy, and as such has a Mini-Con. He was called Dead End for the original Armada, Energon, Universe releases, and Transformers 2010 Japanese release. When he was released for the USA Transformers 2010 series, his Mini-Con was repainted ad renamed Kranix after the character from Transformers: The Movie. Honestly whatever you call him this Mini-Con didn’t really add anything to the toy. He kind of looks like the thermal detonator from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

The original Transformers Armada Unicron didn’t really look much like G1 Unicron. He was repainted in black and green for Transformers Energon. He was then reissued in the original colors for Universe in 2008. In 2010, Unicron got a face lift, literally. The original face didn’t really look like G1 Unicron, so Takara reissued him in more G1-ish colors and gave him a new head sculpt. Hasbro then repainted that version for the Transformers 2010 line in 2011 and released it through Last year, they tweaked the paintjob again for the Platinum Edition, but not enough that they took new official photos of him.

Unicron is not a well designed toy. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that Unicron has wings in robot mode made from the ring that surrounds him. The toy was sort of designed to mirror that, but it doesn’t really work. The wings won’t stay in place, and they even stopped trying to pretend the wings would stay in place. In the photo above they hang down under his arms like they actually do. The big issue here is the lack of ratcheting on the connectors for his wings and the location of the horns on his shoulders, as they are in the way of his wings. If the horns could have turned and hung down onto his back, it would have worked much better. By far the biggest problem is the lack of a stand for his planet mode. Even in the official photo they show him lying down on the back of the planet with his maw straight up rather than vertical with the maw at the front. He either needed a stand, or the ring had to be sturdy enough to support him. (It’s not.)

Overall: While not a terrible looking toy, we certainly deserve a better Unicron than this. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of this mold. A half dozen is more than enough for me.

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