Blog #1290: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Voyager Class Godbomber

Transformers: Legends Voyager Class Godbomber

I am disappointed with Godbomber, and worse, when combined, he gives Super Ginrai an unforgivable design flaw.

Titan Master: Godbomber has an excellent face sculpt. I was kind of expecting a more detailed paint job for his Headmaster’s robot mode given how nicely detailed Hi-Q’s was. He’s better than Hasbro Titan Masters robot modes, but that isn’t saying much.

Vehicle Modes: His base mode is fine, but it’s nothing special. I love the look of his truck/trailer mode. He looks like Godbomber. He even has room for three Headmasters inside like in the Japanese cartoon. Unfortunately, this is a horribly designed toy. The top of the vehicles (his robot arms) don’t stay on very well. They peg in, but not very snugly. He will start to come apart if you grab him the wrong way. It’s just poorly designed. The joint that allows his gun to move up and down has no tensions to it, so you really can’t point the gun up at an angle. His wings aren’t pegged in place and move very easily. Takara is usually better than this.

Robot Mode: He looks great in robot mode, but his gun cannot be angled up and he can’t even hold the sword he comes with. Godbomber has Combiner Wars limb ports on his legs, so if you wish, you can add his legs to Ginrai and use two Combiner Wars limbs as Godbomber’s legs.

Combined Mode: In combined vehicle mode, the connector to attach Godbomber to Ginrai is a joke. You have to separate Ginrai’s feet to insert the connector, but it is then very hard to get them closed again so they are holding the connector in place. I couldn’t do it.  In the photo, Ginrai’s feet are not properly pegged together. I don’t know how you get this connected without two people. In robot mode he looks beautiful, though I am disappointed that he does not have a chrome chest. (Perhaps in the gift set?)  The instructions for combining them are terrible.  Unfortunately, he has an unforgivable design flaw.

The new feet from Godbomber attach to the bottom of Ginrai’s feet. This places all his upper body weight, which is substantial when combined, on Ginrai’s ankle joints. His ankle joints did not seem to be an issue when not combined, as his wheels on the outside of his feet give him a stable foundation. This does not work when combined. Those ankle joints are way too weak to support that much weight. I couldn’t get him to stand up without leaning him against something or posing him leaned forward.

Overall: This is deplorable. I can’t believe Takara actually allowed Godbomber to be sold with such a poor design. I can’t believe I am saying this about an homage to one of the best G1 toys, but Godbomber is not worth the money. Stick to Ginrai. Super Ginrai will just disappoint you. I hope to hell someone at Takara realizes they need to fix this before they release the gift set.

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1 Response to Blog #1290: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Voyager Class Godbomber

  1. ZeldaTheSwordsman says:

    It seems like you were very frustrated when writing this review, and that as a result you did not do due diligence. I notice a few flagrant errors/oversights.
    * “he can’t even hold the sword he comes with.”
    Actually, there are rectangular slots in the hilt that connect to tabs inside Godbomber’s hands, which let him hold the sword very well.
    *”In combined vehicle mode, the connector to attach Godbomber to Ginrai is a joke. You have to separate Ginrai’s feet to insert the connector, but it is then very hard to get them closed again so they are holding the connector in place.”
    First off, if you hold Godbomber’s trailer tongue from certain angles, and keep Ginrai’s own trailer steady, you can actually pop the connector in without separating Ginrai’s legs first (although you might separate them anyway in the process). Second, as for getting the legs back together… You can push on the left and right halves of Ginrai’s trailer from the outside, or you could have both trailers turned on their sides during the combining process to have easier access.
    * It also looks like you didn’t push the Combiner Wars pegs on the Godbomber feet as deeply into Ginrai’s legs as possible. It’s actually possible to have the knee section tilted inward. This should help with stability.

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