Blog #1167: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Inferno


Transformers Masterpiece Inferno




Inferno has quite a few accessories that are pictured below.  The two faces above are alternate faces for the toy version (left) and animation version (right).


tfmpif-03 tfmpif-04 tfmpif-05 tfmpif-06 tfmpif-07 tfmpif-08 tfmpif-09 tfmpif-10

Vehicle Mode: Inferno looks amazing.  They did a great job on him.  In vehicle mode he has quite a few accessories and features.  You can replace his chromed grill with a  gray one that is more animation accurate.  I much prefer the chrome, but it’s pretty cool that you get both versions in one.  His ladder is extendable and his stabilizers pull out from the sides of the vehicle and then down.  There is a flip out nozzle at the end of his ladder.  It can either be positioned on top f the ladder, or sticking out from the end.  Accessories meant to look like spraying water usually look pretty silly, but this one is okay.  I love that you can actually store his gun inside the fire engine.  One of my complaints about the most of the Masterpiece cars is that there is no storage for their weapons except on top of the vehicle.

tfmpif-11 tfmpif-12 tfmpif-13 tfmpif-14 tfmpif-15 tfmpif-16 tfmpif-17

Robot Mode: In robot mode Inferno is perfect.  I do have one nitpick about the white parts on the sides of his head.  Because the one on his left side has the gun on top, the right one can be pushed back further.  You have to adjust it so they are in the same position.  Shouldn’t have been hard to make it fold out only as far as the one on the left.  That’s a really small thing though.  You can swap out his grill as well as his gun hand for a gray animation version instead of the silver chrome.  He has an interchangeable head.  His head was more rounded in animation.  He also comes with a third chest that will allow him to carry Red Alert in his arms.  This is right out of the G1 cartoon as are most of his accessories.  He comes with a communicator that is stored in his forearm as well as a fire hose.  The nozzle can be opened like a mouth to attack him, another G1 cartoon reference.

Overall: Inferno is a must for any G1 fan.  He seems a bit overpriced at $140.  Not sure why he’s almost a third more than Ironhide and Ratchet.  He doesn’t seem like that much more.  Still, he’s so perfect it’s hard to complain.

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