Blog #983: Toy Review: Botcon 2015 Club Subscription Service 3.0 Legends Nightracer & Shakar

0botcon15Botcon 2015 Club Subscription Service 3.0 Legends Nightracer


Nightracer is a repaint of Transformers Legends Tailgate.  Shakar is a repaint of Groundbuster

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Nightracer is the bonus toy that comes with the 2015 Subscription Service.  I was pretty sure it would be a Legends Class toy.  The original Nightracer was the 1995 Botcon Exclusive.  The character of Nightracer was created by Raksha, who ran Botcon that year.  If it was not obvious, the name Shakar is an anagram for Raksha.  The toy is okay.  This is unfortunately not the first Botcon exclusive that Fun Pub has felt the need to do for a second time.  The lack of originality is astounding, but that’s not what truly pisses me off about this toy.

Botcon 1995 Nightracer may not be the best Botcon toy, but it is certainly the one that most embodies what it means to be a Transformers fan.  The blue stripes were hand painted.  Home made Decepticon symbols were applied to the hood.  They were hand packaged on home made cards.  Botcon 1995 Nightracer was special.  Is there a single Transformers toy that Fun Pub has released that can even vaguely be called special?  No, not even close.  Now it’s all about making as many cheaply made toys as possible at outrageous prices.

Botcon 1995 Nightracer represents everything Botcon was about when it was great.  This new toy represents what Botcon is about now, corporate greed.

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3 Responses to Blog #983: Toy Review: Botcon 2015 Club Subscription Service 3.0 Legends Nightracer & Shakar

  1. lmb3 says:

    I believe she knows. I think the end result is that Hasbro owned everything to come out of Botcon.

  2. Wounded Klingon says:

    Does Raksha know they ripped her off?

  3. Zab says:

    Shaka when the walls fell!

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