Blog #973: Toy Review: Transformers: Kre-O Battle Changers Wave 2 (Hound, Shockwave)

Transformers: Kre-O Battle Changers Wave 2 (Hound, Shcokwave)


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Hound might be my favorite in the whole series.  He looks great in vehicle mode.  In robot mode he looks even better.


tfkre-og1bcsp-16 tfkre-og1bcsp-17 tfkre-og1bcsp-18

Shockwave is okay.  I like his robot mode a lot, but his tank mode is pretty lousy.  His turret is off to the side rather than centered, and he has only two wheels so he can’t really even role.  Just not a great design.

Overall: These have started to show up at USA retail in discount stores.  There are only four Kre-O toys that have yet to see release, Battle Changers Triplechangers Blitzwing and Drift and the extremely bizarre combiners made up of different versions of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.  I would have liked the Triplechangers, which could still show up as canceled stuff tends to do, but I’ll be just as happy to never see the combiners.  As much as I like the Kre-O line, Hasbro has so completely botched it that I would rather they let it go the way of Construct-Bots, another line with potential which was mishandled into oblivion.  It just took them so long to get it right that people lost interest.

Some will miss you, most don’t care.Thanks for reading!

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