Blog #969: Toy Review: Transformers Kabaya Seacons

0g1Transformers Kabaya Seacons

This is one of my favorite Kabaya models ever.  They did a beautiful job on these.  There are only a couple of small issues.  The front of Nautilator’s alternate mode does not lock into place.  Not a big deal unless combined.  It tends to want to flop over to the outside of Piranacon’s arm.  Another issue that is only a problem when combined is that Tentakil’s tentacles don’t fold back.  This creates a problem when combined as the tentacles interfere with Piranacon’s legs.  I like that they made Piranacon’s hands and feet weapons for the smaller toys.  Snaptrap’s weapons came packaged with Overbite, so I left them with him, but they can certainly be used for Snaptrap.  Japanese names are in parenthesis.

Snaptrap (Turtler)

tfkabseacons-02 tfkabseacons-03 tfkabseacons-04


tfkabseacons-05 tfkabseacons-06 tfkabseacons-07

Seawing (Kraken)

tfkabseacons-08 tfkabseacons-09 tfkabseacons-10

Nautilator (Lobclaw)

tfkabseacons-11 tfkabseacons-12 tfkabseacons-13

Skalor (Gulf)

tfkabseacons-14 tfkabseacons-15 tfkabseacons-16


tfkabseacons-17 tfkabseacons-18 tfkabseacons-19

Piranacon (King Poseidon)


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