Blog #952: Toy Review: Transformers: Kre-O Discount Store Building Sets (Prowl, Ratchet. Mirage & Optimus Prime, Stealth Bumblebee)

Transformers: Kre-O Discount Store Building Sets (Prowl, Ratchet. Mirage & Optimus Prime, Stealth Bumblebee)

0kreoThere isn’t much to say about these.  They are all repacked versions of Kre-O toys from the first and second waves sold at discount stores like Big Lots and Dollar General.  What is interesting is that they include all the original parts, but he instructions are only for building the vehicles.  Seems odd that they would keep manufacturing them with extra pieces if they weren’t needed, which makes me wonder if this was unsold product in new boxes.  On the other hand, if Hasbro just had lots of left over product, it doesn’t make sense that they would open and repack them, unless they cut production early when they realized no one was buying them and they never were boxed to begin with.  Lots to speculate on, but none of it really matters.  It is unfortunate that they didn’t make them just as vehicles with Kreons to begin with.  They would have sold better.  In any case, if you missed any early Kre-O toys, you can find some of them for cheap.

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