Blog #870: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations Leader Megatron (G1) and Megatron (Armada)

Transformers: Generations Leader Megatron (G1) and Megatron (Armada)

tfgencwleadmeg-1 tfgencwleadmeg-2

As these two toys share a mold, I am going to review them together.

tfgencwleadmeg-3 tfgencwleadmeg-4

Vehicle Mode:  Both tanks look awesome, with one exception.  The black stripe through the turrets looks awful.  It looks worse on the G1 than the Armada, but both look bad.  What really annoys me is that the turret can turn, which considering it’s made up of his two arms, it’s a great piece of engineering, and yet they couldn’t give him a plate or flaps to cover the turret?  It’s unfortunate, because otherwise it’s nearly perfect.  I say nearly as there is one other small issue.


As you can see, instead of having one single tread on each side of the tank, he has two.  Now, from a transformation standpoint, I understand it.  This was you can have two separate treads you can move independently.  Problem is, I think it’s supposed to be an Abrams tank, and I don’t think that has separate treads like this.  It’s a small thing, but it’s really annoying that it’s not more accurate.

tfgencwleadmeg-6 tfgencwleadmeg-7

Robot Mode:  G1 Megatron is near perfect in robot mode.  He comes with stickers to add the design on his chest lime the G1 toy.  This was a neat idea, but they should have just painted them on.  Worse yet, the sticker has a white background that you’re putting on silver.  What moron thought that was a good idea?  It should have been a clear back sticker.  He otherwise looks fantastic.  I love his head sculpt.  I would prefer the gun be shorter and look more G1, but it’s not that bad.

I do however have a major issue with Armada Megatron.  While his head sculpt and paint job are great, he should not have an arm cannon.  Armada Megatron never had one.  It should be removable and you should be able to put it on his back sort of like the turret to the real Armada Megatron.  Even if it wouldn’t bend forward like the original Armada Megatron’s turret, just being able to store it on his back would have been fine.

Overall: What kills me is that these two really beautiful toys have big flaws that should have been fixable while it was being designed.  The treads is minor, but the stickers, the turret, and the gun being removable should have been easy to fix.  As is, they are absolutely worth buying, it’s just a shame they aren’t as good as they should have been

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Blog #870: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations Leader Megatron (G1) and Megatron (Armada)

  1. lmb3 says:

    DarkAlex1978, I’m sure they designed it for G1, but as they released them at the same time, and I’m sure both heads were in the same tray, so they knew they would be doing both, and should have altered the final design to accommodate the removable gun. I agree on the paint details, but with the silver finish, my guess is they didn’t want to put a lot of paint on top of that.

  2. DarkAlex1978 says:

    I don’t care about the Armada Megatron, but the G1 looks wonderful! I’m pretty sure that even if the Armada came out first, they designed this figure to be the G1 in first place.
    My only complain is the lacking of painted details in tank mode that the Armada’s version has: is not a big issiue and is easly fixable, but….why they painted the Armada and not the G1? XD

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