Blog #804: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Generations Deluxe Arcee

a-generations-logo tfgendelarc-1

Transformers Generations Deluxe Arcee

It’s only taken 28 years, but we finally get a real G1 Arcee!  Okay, so it doesn’t have any die cast metal, is way too poseable, and it’s a little small, but it’s as close as we’ll get to a real G1 Arcee.

tfgendelarc-2 tfgendelarc-3

Vehicle Mode: Arcee looks amazing in car mode.  She’s absolutely perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.  She looks great with her weapons attached, though I wish she had two of the same gun.  I just prefer it more symmetrical.

tfgendelarc-4 tfgendelarc-5

Robot Mode: Arcee looks fantastic in robot mode.  The only problem is that she is a bit top heavy.  Her feet have no support in back, and she tends to topple over backwards.  Her swords or guns can clip on to her hips for storage  I don’t recall Arcee ever using a sword, I think she would have been fine with just the guns, but that’s probably an IDW thing.

Overall: This is a must, as close to a real G1 Arcee as we will ever get.  Every G1 fan must have this toy.  It should also be noted that Arcee comes in two variations.  The one pictured has open hands, the variant has longer thumbs and a closed hand.  Not sure which one came first, if the closed hand was an error, or if her hands were closed because the open hands break.  Time will tell which version is “correct”.  Frankly, I prefer toys have closed fists to the open hands Hasbro is so in love with these days.

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2 Responses to Blog #804: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Generations Deluxe Arcee

  1. lmb3 says:

    The black really didn’t bother me. I actually think it looks good with some dark colors. I’m not sure it would looks as good in all white and pink.

  2. I still can’t get past all the black bits. I’m waiting for the Takara Tomy Legends version myself. Overall though I agree as she does look near perfect. May have to pick up the Hasbro version and leave her in car mode too!

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