Blog #785: Toy Review: Transformers: Masterpiece Bumblebee with Spike in Exo-Suit

Transformers: Masterpiece Bumblebee with Spike in Exo-Suit


tfmpbb-02 tfmpbb-03

As with previous Masterpiece releases, Bumblebee has a coin available.

Battle Mask

tfmpbb-04 tfmpbb-05

Bumblebee’s coin comes with a Battle Mask to give him the G1 toy face.  This is a great addition.  I love the cartoon face he comes with, but it’s nice to have the toy version too.


tfmpbb-06 tfmpbb-07

Bumblebee comes with a second add on face.  This one is smiling.  The one that comes on the toy is more of a blank expression.  It’s kind of tough to change them.  The pegs are small, and I help my breath thinking they would break.


Like MP Wheeljack, Bumblebee’s side mirror must be attached.  He only has one on the driver’s side, which I assume must be accurate to the 1970’s Volkswagen Beetle.  I like the hard plastic mirrors as opposed to the rubber ones, but you would think a toy of this price point and detail would not have to be assembled.

Spike in Exo-Suit


Vehicle Mode: They did a really nice job with the Exo-Suit.  I haven’t watched the movie in a while, but it seems pretty accurate to the one he wore.  I really would like a Daniel version of this.  Maybe with Masterpiece Wheelie?  (Somehow I doubt we’ll ever get a Masterpiece Wheelie, but I can hope.)

tfmpbb-10 tfmpbb-11 tfmpbb-12

Robot Mode: Spike looks awesome in robot mode.  You can remove his helmet and flip around his arms to make the cannons that Daniel used in the movie.


tfmpbb-13 tfmpbb-14 tfmpbb-15 tfmpbb-16 tfmpbb-17
Vehicle Mode: They did an incredible job on Bumblebee!  He looks awesome in “bug” mode.  He’s got great painted and molded details.  They included an optional spare tire which can also be stored under the vehicle.  They even made the license plate plug where the tire pegs on fit inside the tire for storage.  The only tiny complaint I have is that I would have liked him to have a license plate, but I’m not sure how many other Masterpiece toys had plates.


Robot Mode: Could he be more perfect?  No.  Bumblebee’s robot mode is perfect, and I love that they gave him a gun since G1 Bumblebee never had one.  I love the revolving plate with the Autobot logo on his chest/roof.  It’s this kind of detail that makes Masterpiece toys so great and worth the money most of the time, Masterpiece Megatron being the glaring exception.

Overall: Do you even have to ask?  This one is an absolute must for every G1 or Bumblebee fan.

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