Blog #783: Transformers Third Party Keith’s Fantasy Club Jet Dance (Raindance) and Slam Tank (Grand Slam)

Transformers Third Party Keith’s Fantasy Club Jet Dance (Raindance) and Slam Tank (Grand Slam)

These aren’t terribly expensive, which is the only reason I picked them up,  Frankly, I am disappointed.  The G1 toys are far better.  They actually look like cassettes.  These have no cassette markings on them, making them just look like plastic rectangles with holes in them.


Jet Dancer (Raindance)

tfkfxcassjdst-02 tfkfxcassjdst-03 tfkfxcassjdst-04

Jet Dancer looks okay in jet mode, but the halves of the back of the plane do not clip together.  This makes it hard to put him on the stand, which has a peg, but the two sides of the port don’t stay closed.  He comes with a second pair of hips.  Not sure if they fix a problem or if they are just prone to breaking.


Slam Tank (Grand Slam)

tfkfxcassjdst-06 tfkfxcassjdst-07

Slam Tank is pretty cool in tank mode.  Kind of hollow, he’s got an open square inside the treads in front, but the weapons cover that pretty well.

Air Dancer (Slamdance)


Air Dancer is the best mode (not surprisingly) for this set.  They did a nice job on him.  Too bad they did not put as much effort into Jet Dancer’s vehicle mode design.

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