Blog #762: Toy Review: Transformers Botcon Subscription Service Rewind and Eject

Transformers Botcon Subscription Service Rewind and Eject


To the surprise of absolutely no one with an IQ measured in positive numbers, Eject was the “freebie” toy for the 2014 Subscription Service.  I put it in quotes, as people paid basically the same amount as last year and got two Scouts instead of one Deluxe, so we really didn’t get any bonus toy at all.  It is as close as you can come to false advertising without actually having used false advertising.  It’s a joke is what it is.


Original Mold: Transformers 2010 Scout Rumble (Unreleased in the USA.)

tfbcss2014-e&r-3 tfbcss2014-e&r-4 tfbcss2014-e&r-5 tfbcss2014-e&r-6

There was huge disappointment when the Transformers 2010 Scout Class Rumble was canceled.  Frenzy and Rumble were released in Japan, but never in the USA.  Unfortunately, instead of releasing Frenzy and Rumble, which a lot of people would have wanted, they gave them a new head to make Rewind and Eject.  There are a number of problem with this.  First off, Rewind and Eject never had piledrivers.  Also, they cut costs by doing both of them with gold details, but Eject (I think it was him, I know it was one of them) should have had silver weapons.  Frankly, I would be a lot less disappointed with these if they had got the colors right.

The other problem is the flawed design of this toy.  The button that deploys the piledrivers are on the rear side of the vehicle, exactly where you would naturally pick up the toy.  I can’t tell you how may times I’ve inadvertently pressed the stupid button.  It doesn’t help that when you are transforming him to tank mode, you naturally would press there to push the back of the tank together.  It’s just a bad design.

Frankly, I’d have rather had Red Wing.

Grade: B

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