Blog #708: Toy & Merchandise Reviews: 2014 San Diego Comic Con

Toy & Merchandise Reviews: 2014 San Diego Comic Con

Previously I put up a blog about the toy news and previews from SDCC.  It’s taken me a while to track down most of the exclusives, swag, and other merchandise that was available.  I’m still missing a few things, but I’ve got most of it.  There are links below to reviews of the Kreon Class of 1984, Knights of Unicron, Dinobots, and Loyal Subjects sets.  Other merchandise is below.

Angry Birds

sdcc2014002 sdcc2014003 sdcc2014004 sdcc2014005 sdcc2014006

There were five Transformers Angry Birds posters (as far as I know, I have not seen any others online).  Seems kind of overkill.  I am sure the game is going to be hugely popular, but I’m not so sure of the toys.


Hasbro was also giving out Transformers Angry Birds belt bags.

sdcc2014008 sdcc2014009

There was also a Transformers Angry Birds shirts and hat available for sale, but I’m not sure who was selling them.  I’ve bought the shirt, but I’m still trying to track down the hat at a reasonable price.

Dinobots Set

Click here for my Dinobots Set Review Blog.

Transformers vs. GI #1 Joe Exclusive comic Covers

sdcc2014021 sdcc2014022 sdcc2014023 sdcc2014024 sdcc2014025 sdcc2014026 sdcc2014027 sdcc2014028 sdcc2014029

It is almost unimaginable to me, but there were NINE different exclusive covers to one issue.  It’s idiotic.  I really am starting to hate IDW.  These were available from various retailers.  If they cut out the sketch cover, blank covers (there was a regular blank version available), and two half covers that would have been 4 different covers.  That would have been extreme, but not terrible.

Knights of Unicron Set

Click here for my Knights of Unicron Set Review Blog.

Knights of Unicron T-Shirt


This shirt was available from the We Love Fine booth at SDCC.  Some were also available online where I got this one.  Not sure if they still have them.  It was $25.

Knights of Unicron Till All Are One CD


This CD was given away at SDCC.  I don’t recognize any of the bands or songs on it.  Kind of stupid that they called it Till All Are One and didn’t include Stan Bush’s Till All Are One.  Even Better, why not get Stan Bush and his band to perform the songs that have lyrics in the box set?

Kre-O Kreon Class of 1984 Poster


This was a free giveaway at the Hasbro booth.

Kre-O Kreon Class of 1984 Set

Click here for my Kre-O Kreon Class of 1984 Set Review Blog.

Loyal Subjects Exclusives

Click here for my Loyal Subjects Exclusives Review Blog.

Loyal Subjects Tote Bags

They had both Autobot red and Decepticon purple tote bags, but I haven’t tracked these down yet, nor found good pictures.

Rescue Bots Poster


This is a really nice poster that has some of the best art we’ve seen of the Rescue Bots Dinobots.  The reverse has pictures of some recent toys.  Interestingly, almost everything on the poster is already out, save for maybe a couple of DVDs and books.

Rescue Bots Toy Fire Helmet


It’s cheap thin plastic, but kind of cool.

Shopping Bag


This shopping bag was available at the Hasbro booth.  It’s pretty big so that it can hold the overly large SDCC exclusives.

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