Blog #703: Toy News: Transformers Collector’s Club 2015 Club Membership and Exclusive Toys

Toy News: Transformers Collector’s Club 2015 Club Membership and Exclusive Toys

This is so fucking depressing.

The Transformers Collector’s Club Membership figure for 2015 is Lio Convoy repainted from the Deluxe Orion Pax mold with a new head.  Here’s a pic.  It’s not bad looking, but do we really need a truck repainted as a lion?

Even worse, the first of two club store exclusives from 2015 is…a repaint of the same toy.  Yes, first the store exclusive toy will be Nova Prime (never heard of him, don’t care to).  Here’s a pic.  Apparently he was seen in some of the IDW comics.  If he was really a big deal, Hasbro would be doing it.  Hasbro has all it’s deluxes toys as part of Combiner Wars next year.  I love combiner wars, but does every single toy have to combine?  No.  Hasbro should have done this, unless of course they knew no one really wanted it and Fun Publications is out of bad ideas.   (The last bit of news will prove that is absolutely not the case, Fun Publications is drowning in bad ideas.)

If they were really so desperate to use the Orion Pax mold, why not do Dying Orion Pax.  Do him in his regular colors with severe battle damage and leaking energon painted on.  Maybe get really fancy and remold a couple of minor parts to show damage.  An homage to Orion Pax’s death and rebirth as Optimus Prime would be awesome (if a bit morbid).  Next year they could do a repaint of the upcoming Chromia as dying Ariel.  They could have given us toys that represent an immensely important moment in the fiction.

Neither Lio Convoy or Nova Prime look like bad toys, they just seem kind of pointless.

That leads us to the last bit of news.

Today the club announced the second store exclusive figure for 2015.  Now, keep in mind that two weeks ago, they announced that today’s reveal would “send shockwaves across the fandoms!!!”  (Yes, they did use three exclamation points.)  First off, if you’re going to use the word “shockwaves” talking about a reveal, that reveal damn well better have to do with Shockwave.  It doesn’t.

What is their “shockwaves across the fandoms” reveal?  A 3/34 inch Marissa Fairborn figure with Afterburner as an accessory.  That’s not a shockwave.  It’s barely a fart, and not even one you can actually hear.

Based on the art that has been revealed, Afterburner appears to be a repainted GI Joe: Retaliation Wheel Blaster Bike which has the incredibly well thought out action feature of being able to launch it’s front wheel like a missile.  This apparently leaves it as a unicycle.  Not to mention, it looks nothing like Afterburner.  If you’re going to do anything Transformers related that does not transform, it has to at least be super accurate.  This is the absolute opposite of that.

What really pisses me off is the choice of Marissa Fairborn for the figure.  She appeared in (according to seven G1 episodes.  I LOVE the idea of doing 3 3/4 inch action figures of TF human characters, but at least pick some that matter.  How about Spike and Sparkplug?  Hell, skip the vehicle and do a 5 pack (we know how much Fun Publications LOVES multipacks).  Give us Spike, Sparkplug, Carly.  Maybe add Chip and a villain, Dr. Archeville perhaps.  Chip and Archeville didn’t appear in a ton of episodes, but in a set with Spike and Sparkplug, it’s not so glaring.

I don’t so much mind a Marissa Fairborn figure, but there were better choices FOR TRANSFORMERS FANS.  This choice, not to mention the vehicle, is all about being able to market it to BOTH clubs.  I really don’t give two shits about GI Joe.  I joined the TRANSFORMERS COLLECTOR’S CLUB.  And for that I get to buy GI Joe exclusives?

The best thing I can say is that at least it’s better than that idiotic Soundwave as the Cold Slither band truck.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Blog #703: Toy News: Transformers Collector’s Club 2015 Club Membership and Exclusive Toys

  1. lmb3 says:

    Chromia is coming out THIS year.

  2. Tfcrafter says:

    You just said every deluxe is a combiner…and then went on to mention Chromia, who is coming out next year, and I am sure she’s not one.

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