Blog #504: Toy Review: Transformers FJ Cruiser Optimus Prime


Transformers FJ Cruiser Optimus Prime

The FJ Cruiser Optimus Prime is an odd toy to say the least.  It doesn’t belong to any particular series I am aware of.  It also uses completely new engineering, there’s really nothing like it to compare it to.  The basic toy (I didn’t get a photo, you can see half the robot in the picture above) has no vehicle body panels on the toy.  These comes on trees (a white and a yellow set) like a model, and then get snapped onto the toy.  I actually got a message from the online retailer I purchased this form warning that the toy was very delicate prior to it being shipped.  The model parts are not as high quality plastic as the recent Kabaya kits.  Also, when the yellow breaks, the stress turns some of it whiter when it breaks off.  It’s not terrible, but it is noticeable in places.  Admittedly, part of this may be that I’m not good with models.


Vehicle Mode: Optimus’s FJ Cruiser mode looks pretty great.  It’s only about the size of a deluxe toy, so the $60 price tag is a bit steep.  I did not assemble the white version., but from the pics, I think the yellow looks better.


Robot Mode: Optimus looks pretty great in robot mode, but if he had an Ironhide head and was in black or red, it would be a much better toy.  It does look nice though, well proportioned, well painted.  I like the head mold.

Supposedly there are some other color versions of this toy to be available.  I’m not sure it’s worth $60, but it’s a completely unique mold, so mold completists will definitely want this one.

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