Blog #493: Toy Reviews: Transformers GT Fortress Maximus

Transformers GT Fortress Maximus


A new series from TakaraTomy, Transformers GT includes accurate (I assume) race cars from the Japanese Super GT Racing circuit.  All the toys in this line are heavily remolded versions of the Transformers Alternity Optimus Prime.


Each toy includes a female action figure, which is unfortunately not to scale with the cars.  They include a number of extra hands.  I’m not sure if they are supposed to represent any real person or not.


The original toy did not (I believe) have any weapons.  Fortress Maximus’s sword is made to look like the original toy’s sword.



He’s beautifully painted with sponsor logos, most of which I do not recognize.  I really like his head sculpt.  This is a pretty cool line so far, but it’s getting boring very quickly that there is only one mold.  I suppose that is the nature of the line, but I hope it’s not going to go on too much longer.  As of now, I have not heard of any other toys being planned.

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