Blog #470: Movie Review: Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters

Movie Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


I’ve only seen Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters once, and it’s been a while since I read the book, so I’m sure others will have far more detailed reviews.  In short, the movie was absolutely fantastic.  I loved the changes, and I have to believe fans are far happier with this one than the first movie, though I am sure there will be a lot of complaining as book fans rarely love the movie.  I on the other hand, prefer movies, so I have no bias (accept for Annabeth’s hair and personality, which they got right this time).

No Spoilers

Logan Lerman (Percy), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth), and Brandon T. Jackson (Grover) all reprise their roles from the first film.  I think their on screen chemistry, which was excellent in the first film, is even better this time around.  Most importantly, Annabeth is now blond, and far much more like the Annabeth in the book, so all is right with the world. 🙂  Jake Abel also reprises his role of Luke, the Demigod villain, though I believe his role was expanded for the film.

We got a huge group of newcomers for this film.

Anthony Head replaced Pierce Brosnan as Chiron the centaur.  I liked Brosnan in the first film, but I think Head’s performance is more the way I saw Chiron in the book.

Douglas Smith joined the team as Percy’s Cyclops half brother Tyson.  I loved his portrayal of the character.  Having listened to the audio books, my mental pictures of the characters are heavily influenced by the voice actor’s interpretation.  It was really bad.  I like this Tyson much better.

Leven Rambin, probably best known (at least to me) for playing Glimmer in The Hunger Games movie, plays Clarisse, a Demigod daughter of Ares.  She played Clarisse exactly as I would have expected.  She was a bad ass with a bad attitude.

Staley Tucci played Mr. D so perfectly, it’s hard to imagine anyone else could have played him.

In an extremely limited role, Nathan Fillion’s Hermes managed to have the best line in the entire movie, and I hope to god we see him again in future films.  What was the line?  You’ll have to read the spoilers section to find out.

I really hope the movie does well enough to get another sequel.  The next book “The Titan’s Curse” is my favorite in the series and I really hope we get to see it on screen.

Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

There are just a few specific items I want to talk about.

First off, Nathan Fillion managed to have a the best line of the movie, a Firefly reference!  He was referring to a television show as the best show ever and said, with some bitterness, so of course it was canceled (or words to that affect).  It was a really great line.

There were quite a few changes to and omissions from the movie, but most of them were small.  The one really big change was the ending.  In the book, if I recall correctly, after they escape from the Cyclops with the golden fleece, they return to camp and heal Thalia’s tree, fulfilling Luke and Cronos’s plan to bring Thalia back to life so that there were two Demigods who could fulfill the prophecy.  In the movie, Luke and his Demigod followers actually capture Percy and company with the fleece and try to use it to resurrect Cronos.  Percy then has to defeat Cronos.  Now, he really shouldn’t be able to do that, but I think it can easily be explained by the fact that Cronos is not fully formed and thus was not at full power allowing Percy to defeat him.  I don’t have a problem with this at all.

Thanks for reading!

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