Blog #273: Toy Review: Transformers Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus


Transformers Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus


Vehicle Mode:  You have to look at Ultra Magnus’s vehicle mode in two pieces.  The vehicle itself is nice.  However, if you look at his wheels (and I don’t have a picture) they have a ridge running down the center of them all the way around.  It’s not thick, but it seems they just did a bad job molding them.  Essentially, most of the wheels tread surface won’t touch the ground, as they will ride on this little ridge.  Really bizarre.  Then we have the weapon.  It doesn’t actually plug into the vehicle.  There are two fold out supports that have ports on them, but due to the angle they sit at, the weapon doesn’t really plug into them.  It will fall off if you look at it funny.  Also, the translucent blue plastic piece on the weapon is very loose, so the gray plastic parts won’t sit straight.





Robot Mode:  Where do I even begin?  Like the vehicle mode, it is a nice looking toy with considerable flaws.  His shoulders are a mess.  The shoulder joints sits at the end of bars that extend from the body.  These bars pivot forward for transformation.  Unfortunately, when in robot mode they do not properly clip to his back, so they easily pop out and come forward.  This really shouldn’t have been hard to fix.  The second issue is the actual shoulder joint.  It is a simple ball and socket joint.  If you use the missile it’s fine, but the weight of his regular weapon is such that the joint cannot hold it and his arm fall forward.  Using the hammer, you can fiddle with the position and get it to stay up since the weight is close to the center of gravity, but if you turn it into the gun, it’s not possible for him to hold it up.  Then we have the gun/hammer itself.  The gun mode is fine (other than he can’t hold it up).  The hammer was clearly designed by an idiot.  If you slide the pieces to form the hammer, there is a little plastic flap that you flip over and it locks it into hammer mode.  The problem is that in hammer mode it turns on the light.  There is no off switch, so unless you want to take out the battery, he cannot be displayed with the hammer without draining the battery.  This is such a basic thing, I can’t fathom how they didn’t consider this.

Overall: Very disappointing, it has obvious flaws that they should have fixed during the design process.  He does look nice, but it’s hard to say he’s worth getting.
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3 Responses to Blog #273: Toy Review: Transformers Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus

  1. lmb3 says:

    Thanks for the tip. Pretty sure I did that. They seemed to snap in, but wouldn’t stay in. I’ll try it again. Wouldn’t be the first time I mistransformed something.


  2. tfcrafter says:

    The arms aren’t pegging in because you need to shift the whole back assembly down, and then press the arm bars into slots on the cab section.

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