Blog #221: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Cyberverse Legion Wave 2 (Hyperspeed Wheeljack, Flamewar, and Quickblade Bumblebee)

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Legion Wave 3

Cyberverse Legion Quickblade Bumblebee

(New one on left)

Quickblade Bumblebee is a reverse color repaint of the original Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee, though his yellow paint pattern is a slightly different design from the original.  They have also given him the sword weapon in green.  I’m not sure why they decided to switch the weapon color to green on the Autobots in this wave.  Looks nice, but nothing special.

Cyberverse Legion Hyperspeed Wheeljack

(New one on left)

Hyperspeed Wheeljack is a repaint of the Wheeljack that came with the Star Hammer vehicle.  He has been repainted to (loosely) resemble the Diaclone Marlboor Wheeljack.  Click here for more information.  It’s nice looking, but I think I prefer his original paint job, though Diaclone collectors will likely want to pick it up.  Like Quickblade Bumblebee, he has a green gun.  I kind of prefer the gun to the swords since there is nowhere to store the swords in vehicle mode accept on his roof.  At least the gun looks good there.

Cyberverse Legion Flamewar

(New one on left)

Flamewar is based on the Botcon 2005 exclusive of the same name.  She is a straight repaint of Arcee with the combo sword and gun weapon.  It’s nice, but nothing really special.

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  1. Natalya says:

    I am one of the producers of the hit show Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel and I would like to talk to you about being on our show. Could you please send me a number where you can be reached?

    I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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