Blog #152: Movie Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man

The long awaited day has arrived.  Today, The Amazing Spider-Man makes its USA debut.  I will be seeing it this afternoon and again tomorrow before doing my review, but before I see it, I wanted to talk about some of the questions I have going into this reboot.

1. My biggest question really isn’t about this movie, but about the sequels.  My only real complaint with Spider-Man 3 was the inclusion of Gwen Stacy.  To me, you can’t have Gwen Stacy in a Spider-Man movie unless you will ultimately do the Death of Gwen Stacy story.  Obviously that was not possible in Spider-Man 3, since the Green Goblin was already dead, but that is obviously not the case this time around.  Clearly we won’t have an answer on this until the second or more likely third movie, but unless they do the Death of Gwen Stacy story, I will be severely disappointed.

2. Speaking of the Green Goblin, I’m curious what cameo/set up appearances there will be.  Will we meet Norman Osborn (I hope so) or if not, at least have him mentioned?  Will any other Spider-Man villains be teased, Venom/Eddie Brock, perhaps?  Perhaps we’ll see a glimpse of J. Jonah Jameson?  Of course, the one I want to see most is Mary Jane Watson.  If they are going to do the Death of Gwen Stacy, teasing MJ ahead of time would be a great set up, I think.

3. My biggest worry is the casting.  I’m still finding it hard to see Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.  Part of that is that in most of the stills and clips, he just looks too damn cool.  However, it is possible that we just haven’t seen much from early in the movie before he becomes Spider-Man.  The only scene I can think of is the lab scene where he is standing in the back of the crowd listening to Dr. Connors.  He does look appropriately nerdy there and shy.  For his transformation into Spider-Man to mean something, he has to be starting out as the nerd.  If Andrew Garfield pulls that off, then I think things will be fine.  On the other hand, I’m rather pleased with the rest of the casting.  Emma Stone seems perfect as Gwen and Rhys Ifans is an excellent Dr. Connors.  With a supporting cast of big names in Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field, they have certainly surrounded Andrew Garfield with talent, but it is all on him to make Peter Parker the character he has to be.

4. Uncle Ben’s death scene (and Peter’s actions that lead to his death) will be some of the most important moments of the movie.  I thought they did this really well in the original movie.  What worries me this time is that they will consciously try to do it differently just so they can say they did in different than the last time.  I would hate for them to make it so different that it doesn’t work.

5. Lastly, one thing I can’t recall seeing in any clip or trailer is the spider.  I assume a spider will bite Peter, since that is at the heart of the character’s origin.  Seems funny we haven’t seen it.  I can’t imagine that isn’t how it will happen.  I’m sure that info would be out there and fans would be freaking out if Spider-Man were not going to be bit by a spider.  I do hope it’s a bit more believable than in the first trilogy.  It was kind of hard to accept that a genetically enhanced spider escaped and no one was aware of it.  I’d like to see this a little more realistically done.  Perhaps Peter is handling the spider and inadvertently lets it bite him or something like that.

Well, that’s all I’ve got.  I have far fewer questions about this one than I did about The Avengers.  I can’t imagine The Amazing Spider-Man will threaten any of The Avengers records, but I will not be at all surprised if it sets a 4th of July weekend record, though with the record currently belonging to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I kind of hope it doesn’t.

Thanks for reading!

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