Blog #129: Toy Review: Botcon 2012 Spinister

Spinister is a Botcon 2012 Souvenir Exclusive.

Botcon Universe: Classicverse

Mold Used: Transformers 2010 Deluxe Tomahawk with the head from the Japanese Transformers: Dark of the Moon Deluxe Vortex.  (He does not have a MetchTech weapon port.)

Name Origin: Spinister was a G1 Targetmaster from the second series of smaller Targetmasters that came with two weapons.  You may see him misidentified as “Spinster” as that’s the name Hasbro printed on the plastic bag he was shipped in, but that seems the only place where it is incorrect.

Spinister looks awesome in both modes.  I love the teal, blue, pink and purple color scheme.  I really liked the G1 toy.  This was a good choice for an update and they picked one of the best molds from the Transformers 2010 line.  The head from the Japanese version looks a *little* more like the G1, though not much.  I would have loved to see him get a new head, but that’s a minor thing.  He’s certainly one of my favorites from this year.

The only disappointing thing is that they didn’t include Targetmasters.  Since the Targetmaster that originally came with Cyclonus has been included in several other toys since, it seems likely that it has it’s own mold.  They should have done one in purple and one in black and included them.  Maybe one of the third party companies that make Targetmasters can remedy this.

Grade: A-

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