Blog #88: Toy Review: Transformers Headrobots Centurion

Picked up a new item this week, Transformers Headrobots Centurion. If you read my previous blog, this is indeed one of the Third Party items declared illegal at Botcon.

This is the seventh item from Headrobots and is a very limited item. Only 200 were produced, and it carries a hefty $60 retail price (at least where I purchased it).

The set includes two heads. One is Spike, the American Headmaster for Cerebrose (who is in turn the Headmaster of Fortress Maximus). The other is Gran, the Japanese Headmaster for Grand (who is in turn the Headmaster of Grand Maximus). Essentially two difference versions of the same toy. Also included is a sword for Cerebrose/Grand. The heads are compatible with all other Headmasters. The posts can be removed so they can be used with certain other toys.

Before I get to the specifics, quality control issues plague this toy. Quite frankly, they feel like they will fall apart in my hand. On mine, the peg for the American head won’t come out unless you push the front and back of the head apart and the Japanese one has no peg at all so it won’t stay in. Seems like it needed a little more design work, or should have just had a non-removable peg. Very disappointing considering how much I loved the Headrobots Cobra. I haven’t purchased any of the items since Cobra since they stopped doing real Headmasters. They have created Headmasters for non Headmaster toys, which makes little sense to me and upgrade kits that include heads that don’t transform, which is fine, but don’t make much sense as Headrobots items. I was really looking forward to Centurion and may not purchase any Headmasters from them in the future after finding out how poor this quality has become.

Head Modes: The head sculpts look awesome. If you want to give your Cerebrose or Grand a nicer looking head, these certainly will do the trick (unless your Gran falls off because the peg won’t stay in). The sword is nice looking with a translucent red blade.

Robot Modes: They look okay, but to me they are no great improvement over the Original robots modes. While there may be slightly more articulation, I’m so afraid they’ll fall apart, I wouldn’t dare try to pose them. Could have used some paint apps on the chest to make it look better too.

Thanks for reading!

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