Blog #33: Fall TV Season Review!

Okay, I know this is overdue, but as a couple of shows (Once Upon a Time and Grimm) have only just premiered, lets pretend I was waiting for that and not being lazy. 🙂  This is not going to be a review of all shows, just the ones I watch.  First a little on the returning shows, then I’ll go into the new series.  Don’t expect any deep analysis, just some opinions.

I want to avoid being redundant, so I’m going to list some returning shows I’m really enjoying and then move on to those I have ore to say about.

Parenthood, Tuesday, 10:00 PM, NBC
Psych, Wednesday, 10:00 PM, USA
Grey’s Anatomy, Thursday, 9:00 PM, ABC
Bones, Thursday, 9:00 PM, FOX
Private Practice, Thursday, 10:00 PM, ABC
Fringe, Friday, 9:00 PM, FOX
Blue Bloods, Friday, 10:00 PM, CBS
The Good Wife, 9:00 PM, CBS
CSI: Miami, 10:00 PM, CBS

Okay, moving on.

Hawaii Five-O, Monday, 10:00 PM, CBS

This is fast becoming one of my favorite shows.  Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan are wonderful as Steve McGarrett and Danny “Danno” Williams, and the best parts of the show are their bickering.  Terry O’Quinn Has been a great addition to the cast this season.

Castle, Monday, 10:00 PM, ABC

Another favorite, I must admit to being a little disappointed in the resolution, or rather, the lack of resolution of last season’s cliff hanger.  Other than that, the show is as great as ever.  I’m not a big fan of the new Captain, Victoria Gates played by Penny Johnson, but I think as time goes on, I’ll warm up to her.

NCIS, Tuesday, 8:00 PM, CBS

One of my all time favorite shows.  Mark Harmon is brilliant.  My only complaint is that Pauley Perrette’s character Abby Sciutro needs to get way more screen time.  She is under utilized.

Glee, Tuesday, 8:00 PM, FOX

I miss the first half of season one.  Glee, in my opinion has gone down hill since then.  They seem to put sending a message ahead of funny and entertaining these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that the show talks about important issues, but it just feels like it’s become about that.  Sue Sylvester needs more screen time, and Brittany needs to say at least ten more dumb and hysterical things per episode.

NCIS: Los Angeles, Tuesday, 9:00 PM, CBS

Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J play one of the best “buddy cop” teams on television.  I am a little disappointed with how the resolution from last season’s finale played out, but it’s all good now with Hetty (Linda Hunt) back leading the team.

Body of Proof, Tuesday 10:00 PM, ABC

Quincy M.E. for a new millennium!  I used to watch repeats of Quincy when I was a kid, and Body of Proof reminds me a lot of that.  Windell Middlebrooks (probably best known for being in the Miller High Life commercials) always has the best lines.  I musy admit though, I keep expecting Jeri Ryan to say, “Resistance is futile!”

Criminal Minds, Wednesday, 9:00 PM, CBS

I love this show.  Great cast, great stories, and they don’t pull any punches.  Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid makes the show great.  I’ve never seen him in anything else except for RV, in which he had just a small part.

Harry’s Law, Wednesday, 9:00 PM, NBC

Kathy Bates is brilliant, but it feels like Boston Legal.  That’s not a bad thing.  Boston Legal was a great show. So much on this show just feels like it’s been done before.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Wednesday, 10:00 PM, CBS

Laurence Fishburne was good, and Ted Danson is too, but I still miss William L. Petersen and Gary Dourdan.  Still a great show, but with Marg Helgenberger now leaving too, I wonder if the show shouldn’t be working towards and ending after twelve seasons.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Wednesday, 10:00 PM, NBC

Just not the same without Chris Meloni, but Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, and Richard Belzer as the ever hilarious John Munch are still great.  The incredible thing about the original Law & Order was that it survived so many cast changes.  I hope Meloni’s departure isn’t too much for SVU to overcome.

The Big Bang Theory, Thursday, 8:00 PM, CBS

I can’t believe that I didn’t watch this show until season four.  I only did that because a friend of mine lent me the recordings of season 1-3.  Admittedly I have way too much in common with the characters on this show, but I don’t care.  This is the only sitcom I watch and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  This season has been the best yet.

The Mentalist, Thursday, 10:00 PM, CBS

This show never ceases to amaze me.  Patrick Jane is like a modern day Sherlock Holmes.  The resolution of the season finale went pretty much how I expected, but I wasn’t at all prepared for the end of this week’s episode.  Red John is alive and no everyone knows it!

Chuck, Friday, 8:00 PM, NBC

I loved this show, but two episodes into the final season it’s just not the same.  This week’s episode makes it look like things are going to get back to normal eventually.  I hope so, I’d hate for such a good show to go out with a whimper.

CSI: NY, Friday, 9:00 PM, CBS

I was pretty shocked when this was on the fall schedule.  Last season’s finale felt so much like a series finale, I thought it had to be.  Sela Ward is good, but I miss Melina Kanakaredes.    Don’t get me wrong.  I still love the show.  Funny thing is, I’ve always liked Gary Sinise better as a bad guy.

Desperate Housewives, Sunday, 9:00 PM, ABC

I was glad when they announced this would be the shows final season.  I feel like I’ve seen these episodes before, they just change the circumstances and characters.  It’s time for it to be over.

Okay, that’s it for all the returning series.  Here are the new ones.

Terra Nova, Monday, 8:00 PM, FOX

This show is high on my list of likely cancellations.  Having said that, I really hope I’m wrong.  It just seems that Sci-Fi shows like this don’t catch on very often anymore.  Jason O’Mara, who I’ve liked since the season he was in the short-lived series The Agency, headlines the cast.  He’s also been in one season series In Justice and Life on Mars.  I really hope this show lasts.  The effects are well done for a television series, and the overall story is interesting.  They’ve done a good job making the episodes interesting and giving us bits of information along the way.  I like it, but I don’t expect it to be around long.

The Playboy Club, Monday, 10:00 PM, NBC (CANCELED)

The premise was interesting, but I was having trouble buying Eddie Cibrian as a mob fixer turned politician.  I won’t miss it.

Unforgettable, Tuesday, 10:00 PM, CBS

This is a great show.  It stars Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells a police detective suffering from Hyperthymestic Syndrome, which allows her to perfectly recall every moment of her life in minute detail.  Every detail that is, except about the murder of her sister years ago.  So far in the few episodes that have aired, they have done a great job of coming up with uses for her ability to help solve cases.  My only worry is that they will run out of ways to do that.  Dylan Walsh, Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin, and Daya Vaidya round out the cast.  I hope this one has a good long run.

Revenge, Wednesday, 10:00 PM, ABC

The BEST new show of the year, bar none.  This show is so good, I don’t even know how to describe it.  The way Emily Thorne (played brilliantly by Emily VanCamp) is systematically exacting revenge on the people who betrayed and framed her father for helping terrorists blow up and airplane is amazing.  Lots of great sub plots and interesting characters make this show an absolute must see.

Charlie’s Angels, Thursday, 8:00 PM, ABC (CANCELED)

Several episodes have been aired since the cancellation was announced and I believe there are a few more to air.  I really wanted this one to make it.  I liked the cast and the episodes were interesting.  Sorry to see it go.

Person of Interest, Thursday, 9:00 PM, CBS

The premise is simple.  A billionaire computer expert invents a computer for the US government to monitor everything, looking for terrorist activity.  However, the computer also identifies people who are either in danger, or could be putting others in danger.  The government decided to ignore this, but the designer set it up to alert him to these people.  He enlists the help of a former CIA assassin to prevent crimes from happening.  What I love about the show is Michael Emerson as Finch.  He’s great, though Emerson seems to be being typecast.  He played a mysterious man who knew things he shouldn’t in Lost and he’s playing a mysterious man who knew things he shouldn’t in this show too.  He’s great though.  What I’m not really warming up to is Jim Caviezal as Reese.  In some scenes, his dry humor and calm tone work.  Sometimes it would be nice to see just a little bit of emotion out of him.  Other than that though, I love it.

Prime Suspect, Thursday, 10:00 PM, NBC

Loving this one.  Maria Bello plays a tough New York City police detective newly transferred to a precinct that doesn’t exactly embrace her.  Bello is great, but otherwise, it doesn’t feel a lot different than other cop shows like NYPD Blue and last year’s short lived Detroit 1-8-7.  Good show, but hardly revolutionary.

A Gifted Man, Friday, 8:00 PM, CBS

This one is definitely different.  Brilliant surgeon Patrick Michael Holt is visited by the ghost of his ex wife and gets involved in the free clinic she used to run.  His wife’s goal is to make him a better person.  I like the show, but the premise is a bit weak.  It just seems like there must be something more, like we’re missing some element that will make the story…more.  I don’t know.  Something’s missing.

Grimm, Friday, 9:00 PM, NBC

I’ve only seen two episodes.  I think the jury is still out on whether or not this one will make it.  Essentially, Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli) learns that he is a “Grimm”.  He is cursed with seeing the very real dangers of the Grimm Fairytales all around him.  Only two episodes in much of the story is still to be revealed.  I hope it makes it, but I’m not terribly optimistic.

Once Upon a Time, Sunday, 8:00 PM, ABC

When I saw the premise for this one, I figures it would be canceled in two episodes.  Well, we’re two episodes in, and I can’t wait for the next one.  In a nutshell, the evil queen from Snow White used a terrible curse to stop time and take all the fairytale characters into the real world, into the little town of Storybrook, Maine.  This of course all happened after the evil queen failed to capture Snow White and Prince Charming’s newborn daughter.  They sent her into the real world to protect her.  Now 28 years later, she is brought to Storybrook by the ten (I think) year old son she gave up for adoption years ago to fulfill the prophecy and save the people of Storybrook.  I know, it sounds ridiculous.  Watch it, you might feel different.  I still think it will be canceled, but I hope not.

Pan Am, Sunday, 10:00 PM, ABC

I don’t know.  It’s been good so far, but how many stories can you really do around a group of stewardesses and pilots?  The one who is spying for the CIA has lots of story potential, and they have some interesting back-stories to draw on, but I wonder how much life this one has in it.

Well, that’s about it.

Thanks for reading!


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